Using PubMed filters to access BCH and Harvard full-text articles

These filters add the Boston Children’s Hospital full-text link icons and Harvard link icon to your PubMed search results (in the abstract display setting). Configuring your NCBI account to show these icons requires following these steps only one time. The icons will then appear when you are logged in to your NCBI account—you will no longer need to access PubMed using special links. (You can also conveniently save searches, articles, and more in your account.)

  • Go to PubMed and create an NCBI account if you don’t already have one. Sign in to your account.
  • Select My NCBIManage Filters
    (Or go straight to the Filters page)
  • Under “Select category,” choose “LinkOut.”
  • Under “Search with terms,” type in and search for “Boston Children’s.” Select both check boxes to the left of “Boston Children’s Hospital.”
  • If you also have electronic access to Harvard resources, repeat the last step searching for “Harvard.”
  • You can add filters/icons for any other hospitals or institutions that you have access to. Please note that BCH electronic resources (and most other local hospitals’ resources) are accessed via IP address. That is, you need to be on the corresponding network (on campus or using VPN) at the time in order to actually access the resource. Harvard (and most universities) use a log-in method, so you will be prompted to sign in with your Harvard credentials.

The steps above will only display the BCH online icon for articles for which the publisher/platform has provided PubMed with full-text links. Therefore, you should also follow the steps below to display the BCH link resolver icon. This icon bch get it will display on every PubMed article record, and if the light blue ‘Online’ icon isn’t there, you should try selecting the dark blue ‘Get it’ icon because we still might have access to the article! This icon also links to a pre-filled article request form, so if we don’t have electronic access, you can easily request the article, and we will email it to you.

  • While signed in to your NCBI account, select My NCBI > NCBI Site PreferencesOutside Tool
    (Or go straight to the Outside Tool page)
  • Select “Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Library Full Text Finder” and select Save.

Remember to log in to your account every time you use PubMed so that you are linked to BCH and Harvard holdings.

For further assistance, you can email, call us at 617-355-7232, or chat with us online to ask questions, request articles and literature searches, and inquire about any of the services we offer.

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