How to get journal articles

There are several different ways to access journal articles electronically. You can search for journal titles, find articles via PubMed, go to articles directly from research databases, or request articles through interlibrary loan.

  • When you do a search using the PubMed links,pubmed 2
    select the BCH Library icons:
    pubmed searchNote that an article may display up to three different BCH icons:
    bch online This icon appears when the provider of a journal (that we have access to) has supplied their article links to PubMed. Selecting this icon should take you right to the article.bch get it This icon is for our link resolver, and it appears on every PubMed article record. If an article record doesn’t have the light blue “Online” icon, try selecting this one. The link resolver will bring you to the article/journal if we have access. If we don’t, it will still bring you to a page from which you can check what years and formats the Library does have for that journal (Display BCH Library holdings for this journal), or you can easily submit a request for the article (Request Article Through Interlibrary Loan).
    bch in print This icon appears when we have this article in print in the Library. If we don’t have electronic access to the article (sometimes we do have both!), you can come to the Library and scan a PDF of it. You can also just request the article and we will email it to you!


  • Go to full-text directly from a search in any of the EBSCO research databases:
    If the library does not subscribe to the journal, you can still request the article through interlibrary loan (turn-around time is often the same day as the request is received).
    •  Use the Find at CHB Library link (above) to access a request form:ftf
    •  Or use the request form on the library’s website:
    request form•  Or send an email to For the fastest service, please include the full citation and PubMed ID number (PMID) if there is one. If your request is time-sensitive, please include that information as well.
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