Free Ebola Online Courses from UNMC, Nebraska Medicine

Ebola virus virionThe University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine are introducing two new online Ebola education courses. One is intended for health care professionals, and the other is for the general public.

After having successfully treated and released two Ebola patients from the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, UNMC wants to share their expertise with others.

The Nebraska Ebola Method for Clinicians is now available via the iTunes U app for iPad and iPhone and on Moodle for viewing on computers or other mobile devices. The dynamic course content, which will be updated as needed, includes videos, media, and guidelines used to care for Ebola patients in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Ebola Method for General Public will be available soon and will include easy-to-understand information about Ebola for patients, family, and community members.

The Nebraska Ebola Method for Clinicians: iTunes U, Moodle

News release: UNMC, Nebraska Med to share Ebola expertise

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