New Book by Boston Children’s Authors: Supporting Students with Special Health Care Needs

supporting studentsSupporting Students with Special Health Care Needs: Guidelines and Procedures for Schools, Third Edition is a new book edited by Stephanie M. Porter, Patricia A. Branowicki, and Judith S. Palfrey, all from Boston Children’s Hospital. The book’s many contributors include 38 authors also affiliated with Boston Children’s nursing, medicine, and other fields.

This newest edition of the essential book for every school health office includes the latest information and guidelines on:

  • Supporting students with a wide range of special care needs
  • Safely and skillfully care for children assisted by medical technology
  • Planning supportive classrooms
  • Collaborating with a student’s whole health care team, creating a family-centered, child-centered health care plan
  • Meeting the needs of families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Facilitating a student’s smooth transition from pediatric to adult health care

The book also has over 100 illustrations, as well as printable online forms and checklists for organized record keeping, training, and planning. Supporting Students with Special Health Care Needs is now available at the library.


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