New Languages Added to Canopy Medical Translator

canopyIn March, we introduced you to the new mobile app Canopy Medical Translator. When first released, this app from NIH award-winning developer Canopy offered audio and text translations of phrases from English to Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese, as well as text-only translations to Filipino (Tagalog) and Malay. Canopy has recently added French, Haitian Creole, and Japanese, with plans to add Polish and Bengali soon. Canopy reports that the next languages they will be working on adding are German, Somali, Burmese, and Greek. The developers also encourage users to let them know what languages they should add to their list to work on next.

Translations are available for phrases in four specialties (emergency medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, and obstetrics & gynecology). Canopy says that in the first month after the app’s launch, the most popular languages were Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic, in that order. During that period, over 20,000 phrases were used to communicate with patients, with the most popular phrase being “Please point to what bothers you or where it hurts.”

Canopy Medical Translator for iPhone launched to the App Store in late February, but to use it you will need to enter an access code during app set-up. Because of great demand, Canopy has restricted the number of codes distributed during launch, but you can request an access code and Canopy will notify you when available. We also have the app set up, with all thirteen currently available languages, on the library iPads which are available for loan to hospital employees and come pre-loaded with a number of other useful medical apps!

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