Using VisualDx Images for Presentations

Are you preparing a teaching presentation and want to visualdxpresentationinclude medical images in it? VisualDx offers two simple options for using their images in educational settings.

The preferred method is to access the desired VisualDx images directly from your presentation by linking to the image URL. This method does require an internet connection while giving your presentation, but if you simply log in to VisualDx before beginning your presentation, you will be able to seamlessly access the right images.

If you will not have an internet connection during your presentation, there is another option. You can use screenshots from VisualDx pasted directly into your slides. When using this method, it is important to ensure that the Logical Images watermark is visible and intact, and you must credit the source on the slide: Image source: VisualDx (

Keep in mind, these methods of using VisualDx images are for educational and non-commercial use. Step-by-step instructions and detailed guidelines from VisualDX on using their images, including permitted and prohibited uses, are available on this information sheet.

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