New Mobile Apps for Radiology and RadioGraphics Journals

RADapps2The Radiological Society of North America’s new free mobile apps for their journals Radiology and RadioGraphics include major improvements and additions and are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The apps feature the ability to access and search the journals; new content notifications; article sharing by email, Twitter, and Facebook; navigation through articles and supplemental material including high-resolution images; and the ability to view and take SA-CME tests. If you have questions about the apps, you can consult RSNA’s Journal App FAQs.

Once you’ve downloaded the apps to your device, setting up institutional access (so that you have full access to the apps’ features) is easy:

  1. Connect to the Hospital’s TCH Wi-Fi.
  2. Go into app and tap “Settings” (on iPad, tap “Menu,” then “Settings”).
  3. Scroll down to “Authentication” and tap.
  4. Tap “Institutional” and then tap “Authenticate.”
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