Reminder: Upcoming Book Group with Author Visit This Friday

ImageOn Friday our book group will be discussing Crash: A mother, a son, and the journey from grief to gratitude with special guest author Carolyn Roy-Bornstein. We welcome all Boston Children’s Hospital staff who have read the book and wish to join the discussion. Join us for lunch in the library and Pre-register today!

Visit Carolyn Roy-Bornstein’s website for this local author’s biography. Read more from the author on

The book deeply touches upon the ongoing societal issue of drunk driving. Drunk driving or operating under the influence is a serious crime in the state of Massachusetts, and has infinite consequences on the lives of those affected. Take a moment to revisit DUI/OUI laws in Massachusetts as well as social host liability.

Read Susan K. Perry’s Psychology Today Q & A piece with the author.

Check out Judy Bolton-Fasman’s Huffington Post blog post on Crash.

Contact Alison Clapp or Jennifer Goldberg for more information.

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