Epocrates Bugs & Drugs App Has Bugs, Gets a Refresh

ImageA recent iMedicalApps post by Timothy Aungst details significant flaws in the accuracy of content discovered by physicians using the Epocrates Bugs & Drugs App since its release two months ago. The initial release of this app presented an abundance of incorrect information. The app identified several species of bacteria as being responsive to specific incorrectly matched antibiotics. Errors may be obvious to physicians knowledgeable in practice, however there is concern about the implications this free app could have on patients receiving care from those less apt to catch said errors. Generally well received for its easy to use and aesthetically pleasing user interface, the app required substantial updates to its content. Epocrates addressed many issues in their most recent app update this week based on user feedback, as detailed in their blog. Unexpected bug drug pairs received a data refresh, as well as inclusion of resistant organisms and other feature enhancements. Regardless of improvements to this work in progress, the editors at iMedicalApps still do not yet recommend this app as a clinical tool.

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