Keeping You Screen Clean: iMedicalApps Journal Club Looks at iPad Disinfecting Study

petriA recent iMedicalApps post by Tom Lewis features the results of an article by Urs-Vito Albrecht, et al. about bacteria levels on iPads used in a clinical setting that had been disinfected using instructions from the deBac-app as compared with iPads that had not been disinfected using this method.

The good news:  The authors discovered that there was a” 2.7-fold (Mann-Whitney U test, z=-3.402, P=.000670) lower bacterial load on the devices used in the clinical environment that underwent a standardized daily disinfection routine with isopropanol wipes following the instructions provided by ‘deBac-app’.”

The bad news: Cleaning your iPad using isoprophanol wipes could void the device’s warranty.

Check out the full post from iMedicalApps, along with a review of deBac-app, which was used as a standard of disinfecting the iPads in the study.

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