New York Times article warns academics to beware of “predatory” journal publishers

On Monday the New York Times ran an article by Gina Kolata about unscrupulous open access journal publishers, a problem which is becoming more common in the academic world.  These publishers often issue journals and put on conferences that sound legitimate, but are actually scams that target researchers looking to have their works published.  The New York Times article includes the story of an author who submitted articles to a genuine-sounding journal and was then billed outrageous amounts of money once his papers were “accepted” for publication.   Kotlata also reports that unscrupulous journals barrage academics with email invitations to submit papers and then harass individuals who send in papers or join editorial boards, thinking they were legitimate publications.

This article is a must read for any researcher who is in the process of submitting papers for publication.

Also, be sure to check out the Beall List, developed by research librarian Jeffrey Beall, that includes titles of what he calls “predatory open-access journals.”

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