Create Interactive Polls for Your Next Presentation

Want to use polling to engage your audience for your next presentation? Poll Everywhere is software that allows users to add live polling into their PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and collect responses without the need for clickers.  Instead of having to rely on “a show of hands” or purchasing clickers, presenters can collect responses using text messaging, Twitter or the web from their participant’s mobile devices to answer questions.  The results update within PowerPoint or Keynote as responses are collected.  In addition, presenters can create surveys without having to create an account with Poll Everywhere.   The software is free for up to 40 respondents at one time.   Users must choose one of the five upgraded accounts if they want to poll more than 40 people.  These accounts cost anywhere from $15 a month for a “Personal” account that allows up to 50 respondents, to the  $1,400 a month “Platinum” account that covers 20,000 respondents.  According to the website, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade anytime depending on the presenter’s changing needs.

The downside of using software such as Poll Everywhere is that participants must have access to either WiFi or 3G (or 4G, etc.) in order to respond and those who use text messaging could be charged by their cell phone providers depending on their phone plans.  Check with your venue ahead of time to make sure your audience will be able to respond without having wander around trying to find a good wireless connections!

For more information or to create a poll, visit:

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