New Report from the IOM about Childhood Vaccination Schedule Safety

 Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety: Stakeholder Concerns, Scientific Evidence, and Future Studies is the new report out from the Institute of Medicine that addresses safety concerns about immunization schedule and outlines objectives of future research on immunization schedule safety.   Parents’ concerns about vaccination schedule safety has caused some to delay their children’s vaccinations, which a 2011 AAP policy warns leaves children vulnerable to preventable serious illness and can lead to wider disease outbreaks, such as the recent pertussis outbreak in Washington State.  The IOM’s report concludes that the “recommended schedule is safe” (A-1) and that it is not ethical to test other schedules at this time due to the possible danger to the children involved in such studies and the risk of exposing the public to potential disease outbreaks.  The report concludes with recommendations for  guidelines for for future federal research that would address existing concerns ethically and safely.

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