VisualDx is Now Available for Your Mobile Device

VisualDX is diagnostic tool that includes 25,000 images, along with clinical information for more than a thousand diagnoses.  The images from VisualDX allow practitioners to identify skin patterns for diseases, drug side effects, child abuse, terrorism, pressure ulcers and MRSA, among others.  Users can limit images by age group, gender, body part  and have the option for viewing the condition in patients with fair or dark skin.  Atypical and phasing presentations are also included in diagnostic searches.

Now you can use VisualDx on your mobile device by going to the VisualDX site on your BCH computer and clicking on the “Free APP for iPad, iPhone and Android” button.  You will be prompted to fill out a brief online form and will receive an email with a username, password and instructions for obtaining the app on your device.  The username and password will allow you to use VisualDx via Children’s Hospital’s institutional subscription.

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