Handy websites that promote a healthy work/life balance

I was lucky enough to get to attend this year’s New England & Rhode Island Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual meeting last Saturday.  The meeting’s key note speaker was John DiGilio, the incoming SLA Treasurer for 2013 and library manager at Reed Smith, LLP in Chicago.  DiGilio, who is always on the look-out for the next new tech trend, spoke about web-based tools that help people attain personal goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, meet new friends, find volunteer opportunities and learn new skills.

Here are the sites DiGiolio recommended for giving yourself a boost outside of work (which helps you be more productive at the office too!):

LifeTick.com – Choose areas of your life you would like to work on, set goals and schedule tasks to help achieve those goals.  Download the LifeTick app to help track those goals and tasks on the go.

43Things.com – 43 Things is a goal-sharing community that uses social media as a motivational force.  Post your goals publicly so others can cheer you on or give you the extra nudge you need to get moving.

Solidgoals.net – Similar to 43Things.com, Solidgoals focuses on accountability through social media and goal-sharing.  Receive moral support from others who have similar goals and keep track of your progress in achieving those goals.

Mindbloom.com – This site turns goal-achieving into a game.  Decide where your areas of passion are in your life and each one of those areas becomes a branch on a virtual “life tree.”  As you keep track of your efforts to cultivate those areas of your life the branches  on your tree will flourish.  If you start to neglect your goals those leaves and branches start to die.

Taskrabbit.com – Don’t have time to cross off everything on your to-do list?  Find trustworthy people to do the tasks for you!  Post the tasks you want someone to take off your hands and individuals will bid to do those services for you.  All “task rabbits” complete applications to the site, submit video interviews, and have criminal background checks. You can view the “task rabbits'” skills and user ratings to ensure that you pick the right person for the job.

Dailystrength.org – Need someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through? Use this site to find an online support group.  Post & interact on  the support group boards on an anonymous basis.

Healthmonth.com – This site makes a game out of setting health goals and uses social media to help you compete against others who are working towards similar goals.

Loseit.com – This weight loss tracking and motivating program includes an app that scans food bar codes to make it easy to keep track of what you’re eating.  For extra motivation, you can have your weight losses and gains are posted on Facebook and Twitter so your friends and family can see how you’re doing.  (DiGilio suggests changing the privacy setting on this feature so you can control which of your friends can see this information).

Myfitnesspal.com – This online food journal helps you keep track of your diet and workouts.  The database of foods makes it easy to track your daily intake.

Grubwithus.com/boston – If you are new to Boston and not sure how to meet new people, join Grubwithus.com and find others in your area with similar food interests.  Sign up for discounted meals at local restaurants, pay in advance for everything (this takes away any awkwardness that might arise from bill-splitting) and meet up with others from the Grubwithus.com community.

Catchafire.org – This site helps professionals find local volunteer opportunities that speak to your passions and utilize your specific skill-sets.

Skillshare.com – Find new learning opportunities in your area.  Simply type in your location and interests to find classes in your area, along with prices.  You can also earn a little extra cash by teaching others.

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