Next Book Group Meeting

We will meet either Thursday, August 4th at noon or Friday, August 5th at 7:30 a.m.  Told through the eyes of 5-year old Jack, Emma Donoghue’s Room was a remarkable story.  This book, which was short listed for the Man Booker prize, was frequently reviewed: the New York Times, the LA Times and The Guardian.  The website for Room includes a floor plan of Room along with Jack’s voice describing the different parts.  The section of Emma Donoghue’s website devoted to Room offers links to various interviews with the author.  Diane Rehm interviewed Donoghue on her NPR show.  Donoghue discusses the mother-child relationship including the factor that Ma was adopted, Jack’s personality, the symbolic meaning of Room, religion, evil as told through the eyes of innocence and many other topics. One of the factors appearing in the latter part of the book is post-traumatic stress disorder and this review article provides a broad overview. Regrettably, sex trafficking continues to be a worldwide issue and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is an international organization trying to combat sexual exploitation.  A recent article in Children’s VOICE, “Trafficked Teens Have New Hope” details a program in Washingon, D.C. trying to combat this problem at the local level.  The social work literature also deals with this topic, “Sexual Trafficking in the US: A Domestic Problem with Transnational Dimensions“.

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