The Library Needs Your Feedback!

The Library is looking at several new products and needs your feedback!

VisualDX– This diagnostic tool includes 22,000 images and information on 11,000 diagnoses. You can limit images by age group, gender, body part and have the option for viewing the condition in patients with fair or dark skin. The differential diagnosis prompts for information about pediatric/adult skin, drug reactions, eye/oral/pulmonary symptoms along with lesion type, body location and key findings. VisualDX is integrated into UpToDate and mobile apps for Apple and Droid devices. You cannot use them in a Powerpoint presentation, however. The trial subscription ends Sept. 10, 2011. The link to evaluate this product is:

AAP eBook Collection – Three fourths of the 80+ AAP book titles in this eBook collection are geared to the clinician with about a quarter written for parents/families. Most of these titles are not available through any other eBook vendor. The search function is VERY basic.   Children’s Hospital Boston employees can email Heather Anne O’Leary or Alison Clapp in order to obtain the login information.

Please use this link to give us your feedback:

Principal Investigator Advisor – We do not have a trial for this product although the publisher’s website lists many of these reports. If we decide to purchase these reports, the PDF files for each will be sent to the library and then loaded onto a secure hospital server.

The 10 title package includes:
· NIH vs. NSF.: A Comparison & Guide for Biomedical Researchers Seeking Grants
· Winning Your NIH Research Grant
· Understanding Impact
· NIH Short Form Application: Executive Report
· Laboratory Animal Welfare Compliance: 26 Expert Strategies Every PI Should Know
· Expert Advice on 17 Challenges in Assuring Laboratory Animal Welfare
· Intellectual Property & Patents: Vital Facts Every PI Needs to Know
· Research Lab Management Challenges and Solutions
· 50 Pearls of NIH Grant Application Wisdom – Reference Card
· 50 Time Management Tactics for PIs – Reference Card

The 17 title package includes the above and:
· 5-Key Grant-Writing Tactics for Getting Your Science Funded
· “How to Project the Right Indirect Rate for You”
· Prepare a More Competitive MPI Grant Application
· Complying with PCR Training Requirements
· Shared Instrumentation Grants: The Secrets of S10 Success
· Making Every Minute Count: How PIs Can Fit 28 Hours into a 24-Hour Day

Please email Alison Clapp if you think we should consider purchase of this package and indicate whether the 10 or the 17 title collection is your preference.

Thanks for your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact Alison Clapp or Heather Anne O’Leary if you have any questions.

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