Next noon book group meeting: April 7th to discuss Samuel Shem’s The House of God

Written over 30 years ago, The House of God is a classic book about modern medical training.  Stephen Bergman, who published The House of God under the pen name “Samuel Shem,” based this biting tale about a doctor embarking on his medical internship on his own medical training at what is now Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and many of the characters are also based on real people he encountered during his internship.  In 2009, the New York Times ran an article by Howard Markel, MD entitled “A Book Doctor’s Can’t Close,” which reveals the true identities behind a few of Bergman’s characters and explains why the book is still strikes a chord with doctors.  Markel also wrote an article for JAMA  in 2008 commemorating the 30th anniversary of the publication of House of God and describing the book’s impact on his own medical training and teaching. 

 For more information about Stephen Bergman/Samuel Shem, check out the official Samuel Shem website.

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