Noon Book Group–Mark Haddon’s A Spot of Bother

This month the noon group chose the book A Spot of Bother, by Mark Haddon. Below you will find some relevant links to reviews, interviews, and other sites of interest. We’ll meet this upcoming Thursday, September 3rd, at noon in the audiovisual room. Light refreshments will be provided.

Publisher’s Site, includes author interview and a list of discussion questions.

Full interview with Haddon from New York Magazine.’s page on A Spot of Bother—gives member ratings, reviews, and other similar books of interest.

Not knowing much about England, I found myself wondering about Peterborough and where it was in England. Apparently it is about 2 hours north of London, and is considered a “cathedral city” with a population of about 160,000. For more information, check here. And for some interesting photographs, check here.

Also, an interesting BBC article about the link between retirement and depression.

Alison will be posting relevant links for her a.m. group soon, and next month we’ll go back to reading the same book. See you next week! -Jessi

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