Next Meeting: Thursday, June 9 (7:30 a.m. or Noon) – Monique and the Mango Rains

On the website for the book, there is an author interview and a reading guide.  There is a review in the Boston Globe along with a brief update of Kris and John’s trip in 2008.  Kris Holloway wrote a short article in the NY Times about having a dog while she lived in Mali.  It is yet another poignant story of the cultural differences!  A May 16th article in the NY Times deals with maternal mortality

Wikipedia has lots of background information on Mali as does the CIA World Factbook

As more women from sub-Saharan African countries end up in the offices of  European and North American countries, the health care professionals are having to deal with providing health care to women who have experiences female circumcision.  You might want to check out the article by Adriana Kaplan-Marcusan, Perception of primary health professionals about Female Genital Mutilation: from healthcare to intercultural competence.  Ball also has a review of the topic and how services have been developed services for women in the UK.

Another issue dealt with in the book is spouse abuse also covered in Rani’s article, An empirical investigation of attitudes toward wife-beating among men and women in seven sub=Saharan African countries.

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